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Building Toloka Camp

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Summer Cultural Camp for Housing Reconstruction for the Residents of Ivanivska Community, Chernihiv Oblast, Affected by the Russian War and Occupation.

The Russia’s war has caused immense suffering and destruction to Ukrainians, and for the recovery and further development of Ukraine, solidarity and

10.07.2023 - 10.10.2023
  1. Engage at least 800 volunteers in the construction process. Minimum of 36 volunteers at any given moment.

  2. Conduct at least 36 unifying cultural events to strengthen connections and build a civil society.

  3. Construct a minimum of 9 houses (up to 20) for the most affected families.

  4. Reuse as many materials as possible in construction from the cleanup of destroyed houses.

  • Daily training in construction practices and hands-on experience in building.
  • Cultural workshops for camp participants and local residents (electronic music, painting, pottery, etc.) - twice a week.
  • Weekly concerts of contemporary electronic music, bringing together camp participants and cleanup volunteers - every weekend.
  • Joint movie screenings - once a week.
  • Shared excursions every two weeks.
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